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His amazing mental transformation.

Being a football star at Stanford is not quite so glamorous as it is on football-crazy campuses like Alabama, Ohio St., or Texas. When the Google guys, who pretty much coded reality, went to your school, it's easy to forget about the John Elways among you. But Shayne Skov, 2nd-team All-American linebacker has spent his 5 years in Palo Alto transforming his brain more than any of his Cardinal classmates and even more profoundly than he's transformed his body in the weightroom. Many college degrees only require students to take scantron tests after which all the information they crammed into their heads quickly evacuates back out into the world, but Skov's CTE involves the kind of deep, fundamental, cognitive changes that we hope to see from a real education. Professor of Neuro-Biology at Stanford Meegan Luntz MD said of Skov, "The changes we've seen in Shayne's cognition are absolutely not what you see in a typical student his age. The amount of strain he's exerted on his brain since he's been at Stanford has had profound and lasting effects on the way he thinks and will undergird the way he thinks for many, many years to come." So much for the cliche of football players just majoring in American Studies and Communications! Way to go, Shayne!